WE Co-create
the journey

Our drive is to inspire others to discover their power while living intentionally by creating a positive ecosystem that fuels and supports their journey. We are a boutique lab that loves to design disruptive learning experiences, build communities, and collaborate globally. Where we go next or with whom we collaborate is based on a set of uncompromising core values that enable us to thrive wherever we are and in whatever we do.


We embrace our complementary skills and love to co-create with partners and customers.


We know and explore our unique strengths, supporting talent development.


We feel energized by what we do, we actually love it.


We are curious, seek out scientifically backed research and theories, and never stop learning.


There are no crazy ideas, all ideas are welcome to the table, and mistakes are the golden momentum to evolve.


We practice what we preach, keep our promises, and talk openly about disagreement (we don’t exaggerate or twist the truth).


Mercedes Salce
(Co-Founder & Chief Explorer Officer)

Because the world needs people doing what they love and leaders like you, authentically showing up, embracing diversity, being creative, and empowering talents. I believe people feel more fulfilled and confident when they discover and fall in love with their own uniqueness.



Finding your magic! Merche can see what makes each individual unique. She knows how to bring out their best and collaborate as a high-performance team. She is a queen on strategy and leads with it.

Grant Godfrey
(Co-Founder & Chief Questioning Officer)

Great teams allow individuals to flourish as the collective group reaches new heights. Creating these teams is an intentional process that requires humble leadership, consistency, and a commitment to your culture and goals. I believe when we establish these communities, we are happier and live more fulfilled lives.



Making it simple! Whether it is creating strategy, improving culture, or developing training, Grant can facilitate the process of bringing complex ideas and information together and crafting a simple and understandable solution.

Vanessa Gil
(Chief Energy & Experience Officer)

There is a big difference between living and feeling alive. For the second option, it is necessary to put into practice a simple and powerful tool; (K.L.T) Know oneself – Love oneself – Transform oneself. You cannot love yourself without knowing yourself and you cannot transform yourself without loving yourself.



Igniting your magic! Vane has the energy to be your springboard, your beacon, or your key. We all have a better, brighter, more powerful, more productive SELF. Be an archeologist and sweep away the dust that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. She loves communication, trusts in the potential of the human being, and has the vision to promote a humble, simple and empathic leadership.

Begoña Haces García
(Chief Common-Sense Officer)

Does planning and logistics of a project overwhelm you? Bego enjoys the process of starting projects from scratch. People’s time is so valuable, and she offers an easy alternative and a stimulating experience, letting you focus on the final art. She puts the puzzles together, weaving all the necessary elements into your vision!



Making it happen! Bego will streamline the whole process for your project! As a logistics expert, she will tackle the complications and deliver simplified results for you to make the best decisions. Researching, evaluating and presenting creative ideas for your project, training, workshop, team-building experience, based on your specific needs and vision.