4 Steps to Better Label Your Emotions While Rediscovering Yourself

We have developed our vocabulary to analyze information, make excuses, and insult, more than our vocabulary to express our feelings and needs clearly. Our blind spots usually make assumptions that we are communicating our needs effectively. We assumed that our metaphors and body language should be enough. However, the receiver has magical powers, reads our minds, guesses the intentions, perhaps has a crystal ball at their homes to decode later our actual needs, right?

In our home, schools, or work environments, the authority figures have often educated and awarded us for following orders, suppressing our feelings and needs, perhaps looking to be accepted or just not be reprimanded.

Let's face it! Some of us are not used to STOP, feel and identify our emotions and needs. Probably, just reading about it makes us feel anxious or skeptical about going there. When strong emotions are arising causing pain, the easier path is to ignore them and keep operating on autopilot, a route that we already know.

Emotions are a crucial leadership subject. Labeling our emotions sometimes is tricky, but it is the first step to get to know ourselves a little more, understand others' perspectives and, express our needs effectively.

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Developing Meaningful Relationship at work

How do you respond to a positive accomplishment shared by your colleagues, family, and friends?

Relationships are the golden ticket to thriving leading a team. It holds a team together and makes it more resilient, engaged, and happier.

It turns out that how we react to positive events is a better predictor of our relationships' quality and long-term success.

According to psychologist Dr. Shelly Gable, we could classify our reactions as per the below dimensions. (See picture)

Using Active Constructive Responding, showing genuine interest and authentic enthusiasm, is more likely to help you develop meaningful and resilient relationships.

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