Part of us still feels our inner child, dreaming, needing play, learning, and imagining a world full of wonders. Depicting US podcast is about exploring our creative souls while having conversations about creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and art with people that inspired us to create.

Let’s decipher their mindset, processes, methodologies, tools, or rituals being used to bring their work to life. Our intent is to broaden our perspective as human beings, discover other’s worlds, and inspire you to explore our nature’s essence as creators.

We all have ideas, interests, dreams, and passions, so we hope you can get some insights from this conversation and take some steps closer to making yours real.

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Depicting US Podcast - Marguerite JOLY

Jul 14, 2022

After her struggle and reconciliation in dealing with alopecia, she created an association to support people with the same condition in May 2018. Marguerite shows us the power of owning our story and vulnerability, transforming any hardship into a path to evolve our consciousness and expand our identity.

Marguerite Joly is a third-year student at Sciences Po Paris in the Economies and Societies major and International Relations minor in the North America & Europe program of the University of Reims. She will enter the Communications, media, and creative industries master at the same university in September 2022. In 2021 Marguerite studied the Bachelor of Business and Administration at IE University in Madrid. But that’s not all, seat tide, she is a TEDx speaker, and you will be able to listen to her Ted talk very soon. Join the conversation!

DepictLab Podcast - Angus Ridgway

Jun 28, 2022

There are so many important takeaways in this week’s  conversation with Angus that it is hard to choose ‘the one.’ Angus encourages us to take more risks, get to know ourselves, discover and explore our greatest strengths, and take actions to fuel our days with energy.

Angus Ridgway is the founder of Potentialife, which created a process of conversations that helps individuals and organizations become more consistently vibrant and positive. Potentialife was founded on the idea that, in a changing world of work, companies must have leaders who are consistently and sustainably at the “top of their game.” The vision of this idea is to help each person own the difference they make in their world.

Listen to this episode and gain insights on creativity killers, beating procrastination, getting into flow, energy, playing with your strength, and more.

Jul 5, 2022

In this week’s episode, Julie Schumer shares with us her love for abstract art and the wisdom she found in the process, which applies to life itself. Julie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She began painting at age five and continued through high school. She was an abstract expressionist early on, being chastised by her elementary school teachers for her drippy non-realist work. In college her practical nature asserted itself, and she became a lawyer instead of an artist. For many years she had her own practice as an appellate lawyer specializing in criminal appeals. During those years, she married, raised a family, and collected art, wishing all the while she had painted what she collected. Unfortunately, the many demands of her career and family stopped her from picking up a paintbrush again.
Finally, in 2000, she reconnected with an old friend, artist James Koskinas. He sensed her long suppressed desire to create art and asked her why she wasn’t painting. Julie answered she didn’t know. Koskinas brought her several pieces of wood, acrylic paint and a few brushes and said, “Paint.” She hasn’t stopped painting since. In 2002, the pair relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they paint side by side companionably in their studio, a modern-day Pollack and Krasner.

Julie is largely self-taught. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and in Europe and is in many private collections. She has participated in several museum shows. In 2014, Julie was invited to teach a loosening up painting workshop for the West Texas Watercolor Society in Lubbock, Texas. This was the beginning of her discovery of her love of teaching expressive painting workshops, first in her Santa Fe studio, and now online with Atlanta-based artist Cat Tesla.
Julie’s work has been exhibited widely across the United States in galleries, art fairs and other forums in many private collections and is now part of the collection of the Tucson airport in Tucson, Arizona.

Follow Julie’s art: @julieschumerartist

DepictLab Podcast - Uliana Torkunova

Jun 14, 2022

We visited Uliana in her office, and if I have to choose one word to describe her as a leader, it would be: Authenticity. She is brave and not afraid to say ‘I don’t know,’ but believe me when I tell you, she will figure it out. In this conversation, she shared her passion for cars, smart mobility, and technology. Depicted her journey of building successful businesses and developing her mindset to conquer any self-doubt.

Uliana is a visionary, co-founder, and CEO of 3 mobility and technology companies. In 2020 Uliana was awarded as Woman Entrepreneur of the year by Madrid City Council, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by ASEME and Founder of the Year Spain by Global Startup Award. In 2021 Uliana was included in the guide of Women References in Innovative Entrepreneurship in Spain published by the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation.

DepictLab Podcast - Maria Sirotkina

Jun 21, 2022

Believing in ourselves and our experience is a recurring narrative among creators, and Maria has the ability to play to her strengths, connecting people and finding creative ways to communicate her vision. She shared with us her new business idea, how she fights imposter syndrome, what makes her most productive and what matters most to her at the moment of collaborations.

Maria defines herself as a serial entrepreneur willing to commit until she achieves the desired results. She is fully engaged in ‘My Portfolio’ and ‘Art Heroes 3D Art Academy’. ‘My Portfolio’ is a Web3 startup that helps record achievements in the workplace with digital credentials, ensuring all team members feel rewarded for their contribution.

In this conversation, find out more about her projects and Maria’s mindset when creating something from scratch.

DepictLab podcast

May 10, 2022

Here it is; we start this journey with many questions, and we love the process. This is not perfect, and it’s just a work in progress and a learning step. Well, that is why we are having conversations about our creative souls; what does it take to execute an idea? How to unlock our creativity? How to express ourselves through our work? What is it that I need to create? Where to start? How to trust my instinct? Who am I becoming in this process.? We don’t know what our destination is; we are here as explorers. Join us to Discover, Grow and Evolve.

We intend to inspire others to explore our essence as creators and feel more equipped to apply these insights to our own work. We all have ideas, interests, dreams, and passions, so we hope to inspire you to take some steps closer to making yours real.

The Producer: Mercedes Salce